Langley Hall was built in 1903 for the first Anglican Bishop of Bendigo, Henry Langley.  It is suggested its location was chosen for its close proximity toSt Luke’s Anglican Church that was built in the 1800s.  Henry and his family of at least 12 children lived here for only a short time, as Henry died of a stroke at age 65, only two and a half years into his new role.  His brother John Langley then became the second bishop.  The third bishop of Bendigo decided the location of Langley Hall was not central enough, and so the new Bishops Court was moved into town to Forest St. 

After World War 1 Langley Hall was used as a recuperation centre for returned soldiers suffering ‘shell shock’ and or physical injuries.  Later in its history, the building was used as a Theological College and for a brief time a single women's home.  In the 1930’s the Anglican Church converted Langley Hall into a Toddlers Home.  Children from birth to five years of age, often wards of the State and often from Melbourne lived here.  It was at this time that Langley Manor which sits alongside the Hall was built.  This was to house the staff of the Children's Home.  It was at this time that the Langley Hall kitchen was converted into a dormitory, and all the cooking for the children was done from the Manor. In 1979 the toddlers home closed as care of children was moved to family based foster care.

In the years since, Langley Hall has been a restaurant and reception centre, an antique dealer, and since 2000 has been Bed and Breakfast Accommodation.  Anthony and Jenny bought Langley Hall in June 2010, and have spent the time since restoring and renovating the building and gardens to restore them to their former glory.